Contemporary Catalan cuisine based on local fresh products

Tresmacarrons Menu

All the essence of the restaurant synthesized in our most representative tasting menu

· Tomato soup, shredded salt cod and black olives

· King Crab with ”ajoblanco”

· Steamed squid with black ”botifarra”

· Steamed shrimps with bisque, gnocchi and hazelnut butter

Dish to choose between:

a) Cannelloni with summer truffle in cream sauce

b) Pigeon

· Catalan cheese assortment by Casseus Afinadors

· Our own style of the French toast with lemon and ginger sorbet

€ 82 VAT INCLUDED (Drinks and coffees separately)

This menu will be served at whole table.

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About Us

Tresmacarrons practices a regional and seasonal cuisine, organizing with the producers the product calendars, to build a constantly changing menu. Thus, a kitchen is prepared governed by the sea (in front of our restaurant), by the mountains (Sierra Litoral) and by the orchards that surround us.