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Miquel Aldana

I was born in Barcelona on the 8th October of 1979. Since I was a child eating was something that I was really passionate about. Sitting on the table is one of the best moments of my day. Eating, talking , sharing… has become a lifestyle for me. In November 2009, after going to the Hospitality school and spending time in different restaurants, I decide to open Tresmacarrons, with my father Joan. Fond of the sea and the motor world, whenever I can, I try to spend some time sailing with my friends or going somewhere with my Mini 1275 GT.

Núria Orra

Nuria was born on the 28th February of 1982 in the picturesque village of Vilanova de Sau, Vic. She has always been an active and restless girl. Her passions include animals, basketball and drawing. She has always had a special connection with food thanks to her aunt Dolors. However, she didn’t fully discover the exceptional Catalan cuisine until she started working in Can Jubany, when she was 18 years old, in order to pay for her biology degree. In 2012, Miquel asked her to take active part in his project, leaving aside her biology career and replacing it for a domestic aquarium.

Joan Aldana

Maître and wine waiter
Born in Caceres on the 4th March of 1954, and raised in Santa Coloma de Gramenet at the beginnings of the 60s. He developed his career in banking working for a range of banks, from Banc de Bilbao to the BBVA, resulting in 40 years. From being a groom to retiring as director executive. He has live in many areas of Spain always accompanied by his family, Chelo, Miquel and Anna. Once retired, Miquel suggested setting up a restaurant. Without hesitation, his mother and Joan, encouraged him to go through with it, at the end of the day that is why he had spent so much time in Hospitality school and in different restaurants of Catalunya and France. Honestly, Ihave to admit that the experience has really been WORTH IT.

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