We propose you to give one of the tasting experiences (for two people) that we have prepared very carefully to make your guests enjoy the most.

Seasonal experience


Enjoy the best seasonal dishes in one of the most delicious and exclusive menus in the restaurant.

Tresmacarrons Experience


This year our restaurant celebrates 10 years of history, and to celebrate it we have prepared a gastronomic experience with some of the most legendary dishes of our history.

Experience Tradition


At Tresmacarrons we have a maxim: “tradition is the starting point of all innovation”. That is why we have designed this menu through some of the most legendary dishes of “Maresme” gastronomy.

How to give a gift


Contact us by phone 935 409 266 or send us an email to telling us that you are interested in one of our gift experiences.


We will send you an email with the instructions for making the contract. Remember that all our experiences are for 2 people and include dessert and wine.


Once contracted, we will send you an electronic gift voucher (Valid for six months from the date of payment).

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